New One Trippers


      New one trip containers are ideal for those who are looking for the highest level of quality, durability, and aesthetics. New one trip containers are usually less than a year old and used only once when shipped from their overseas manufacturer.

     In pristine condition, new one trip containers are never exposed to the rigors of a marine environment or container depot. They are in solid one color with no shipping logos or signs of wear and are equipped with a factory lock box.

     New one trip containers are the best choice for those wishing to modify a shipping container for use as residence or office. We offer a wide variety of container modifications and can convert a container to your specifications.

     New one trip containers are also ideal if condition of the container’s contents is the the most important. The excellent condition of a new one trip containers ensures that important items such as medical supplies, electrical equipment, or even your prized possessions will remain in pristine condition.


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